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Correct Tool Makes a Job Easier

A frequent complaint of homeowners, particularly women, is that they aren't strong enough to do some of the tasks around their home. Don't give up yet, most jobs don't require brute strength, you're probably not using the right tool or technique. Instead of muscle, you'll probably find a longer screwdriver, a larger wrench or a heavier hammer is what you really need. Can of LPS1 Lubricant Spray

Loosing a rusty nut and bolt can be a frustrating experience, but if you first spray it with a penetrating lubricant it's a piece-of-cake ... PROVIDED ... you give the lubricant enough time to work. Can of WD-40 Lubricant sprayFor instance, a few days before you plan to replace a toilet tank ballcock, generously spray the nuts on the underside of the tank with a penetrating lubricant such as LPS-1 or WD-40. You'll find those bolts come loose without any hassle. Penetrating lubricants work, but often not instantly; they need time to soak in.

Now when it come to screwdrivers, you'll find the longer the screwdriver the easier it is to turn a screw in or out. And the tip of the screwdriver must fit the head of the screw snugly. But even with a long screwdriver, you need to drill a pilot hole that's just a tiny bit smaller than the shank of the screw. Then rub the screw across a wax candle stub to lubricate it. With the right length screwdriver, a pilot hole and candle wax, you'll be able to drive any screw into the hardest wood.

The heel of a shoe or a tack hammer are great for hammering in tacks, but for anything larger or longer you need something heavier. It's not how hard you can swing a hammer, but the weight of the hammer head and how squarely you hit the nail head that drives a nail in. You're not physically driving a nail with a hammer; you aim the hammer head at the nail head, and let the weight of tbe hammer head do the work. Bigger is not always better, but with tools it's often the answer that makes a job easier.

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