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The Very Best Hand Tools

The most versatile and valuable tools available can't be purchased. This is to remind you that the best tools you'll ever own are attached to the ends of your arms ... your two hands which are the perfect tools.

Whether you're driving a nail, drilling a hole, sawing wood or prying something apart, always be aware of our hands. They help you grip, grasp, push, twist and operate a multitude of other hand and power tools, but they're vulnerable and can be easily caught in moving power tools, cut by a variety of sharp edged tools, punctured or smashed. And don't forget to wear eye protection when working with tools. Take care of your hands.

Accidents happen, and they happen fast; often because the wrong tool for a job is being used, or the proper tool is used but in the wrong way.

Here are a few guidelines to follow while you're working with tools so that your hands will last a lifetime. Position yourself securely when you are working, so you won't slip or fall unexpectedly. Use sharp cutting tools, they don't require you to apply excessive pressure. Never use damaged tools or tools with loose handles.

Remember to unplug a power tool before you change blades or bits. Avoid working while you are angry, upset, tired or not feeling well. Always work in well lit areas. Never remove a guard, shield or safety device from a tool. Store your tools safely out of the reach of small children. Take care of your hands.

Use a vise or clamps for holding small objects while drilling or cutting. Remove loose jewelry when working with machinery. And remember, proper techniques and common sense are the basics of working safely with hand and power tools.

Please recognize your limitations: Do not attempt work, which you are not qualified to do. DO NOT TAKE SHORT CUTS, take the time to be SAFE.

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